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Recent Biology Graduate

“In the laboratory, I had a tremendous amount of freedom and support from my advisor and colleagues, which truly helped me become the researcher I wanted to be, all while answering some really interesting scientific questions.”

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  • Undergraduate Students

    Sandra (Colorado)


    The UNC biology program provided me the necessary skills to further my education. I gained a solid foundation in the biomedical sciences through well taught classes, research, and the myriad of extracurricular activities. One of the biggest factors that contributed to my success at UNC was the support system the professors and the faculty create for the students. I am grateful to have had such a well-rounded experience as an undergraduate. The biology department facilitated my current success as a post-graduate student in the biomedical sciences.

    Shalacia (Colorado)


    Attending UNC for my undergraduate education has proved to be one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I am highly thankful for the depth of knowledge the biology program has armed me with. I am even more thankful for the accessibility of my professors and ideal classroom sizes. Though I am ready to move on and pursue a career in medicine, the positive growth and experiences that helped mold me into the woman I am today will always be a part of me. Thank you UNC School of Biological Sciences!

    Hillary (Colorado)


    My education at UNC was a wonderful and enriching experience. I received all the training necessary to further my career in the field of biology. The atmosphere in the biology department is great, and the faculty are amazing. The professors are knowledgeable and very good teachers. They are more than willing to help you improve your understanding for all classes.

    Adam (Hawaii)


    The biology program at UNC is a great learning environment because classes are small in size, and many classes offer supplemental instruction with tutors to help aid students outside of normal class periods. Biology professors and teaching assistants are insightful, helpful, and friendly. I obtained valuable experiences in my biology classes and labs, and everywhere at UNC. And the snow boarding is great!

    Ryan (Texas)


    Earning my bachelor's degree at UNC was an incredibly rewarding experience. The Biological Sciences program really prepared me for my future career as a biomedical researcher. The smaller class size and the ability to interact one-on-one with faculty presented me with opportunities to build solid mentoring relationships and perform an undergraduate research project in my field of interest. With the knowledge of the sciences and my experience doing undergraduate research, I was well prepared for continuation into a well-respected graduate program. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this program to prospective students.

    Holly (Montana)


    UNC is a fantastic choice for anyone interested in studying biology. The faculty is remarkable and the class sizes are small, providing that ever important one-on-one time with your instructors. I am still in contact with my biology professors at UNC. They really care about you and your success as a biologist and are willing to help in any way they can, even after you graduate. Another unique feature about UNC is that there are plenty of opportunities to conduct original research, which provides students with valuable experience and chances to travel to national conferences. I gained a solid foundation in biological sciences at UNC that has been invaluable in my studies at veterinary school. If you want to excel as a biologist or continue on to professional school, there are few better choices than UNC!

  • Graduate Students


    Gabby -- MBS

    I definitely think this program helped me strengthen my application to medical school. It really let me develop my passion for sciences and allowed me to explore aspects of biology I would not have normally. The faculty really make this program. They were so helpful! They really cared for me as an individual. I connected with them, and they helped me succeed in the program and in getting into medical school.


    Randy -- MBS

    After beginning a different graduate program that would not provide the necessary courses to improve my application to medical school, I applied to the MBS program. Upon arrival at UNC I knew this program would be a perfect fit for me. The professors and the material covered in the program definitely increased my knowledge in the biomedical sciences and mimicked professional school far more than an undergraduate pre-health program. Anyone looking to increase their competitiveness or knowledge in the field would do well to join the family at UNC.


    Owen -- MS

    I studied biology at UNC as both an undergrad and a graduate student, so I can attest to the program. While I was in college, I got a thorough and competitive scientific education from small, current, and interesting classes. During graduate school, I had the opportunity to conduct important research in state-of-the-art research facilities. The education and knowledge I gained at UNC have allowed me to go on to work in a world-renowned research lab and gain acceptance into medical school. Greeley is an awesome college town with a million opportunities for fun. My time at UNC has definitely provided me with not only tons of great memories, but a superb education as well. I highly recommend UNC Biology.


    Bill -- PhD

    The biology graduate program at UNC was a great fit for me. The PhD program provides a nice blend of science and science education. My skills as both a biologist and an educator were strengthened through my experiences. That doesn't happen in all graduate programs. I think that having a solid background in biology as well as a track record of successful teaching really helped me to stand out in the job application process. I feel I was well prepared for my immediate future as an Assistant Professor of Biology at a liberal arts college.

  • Faculty

    Karen Gomez

    Dr. Karen Gomez

    The School of Biological Sciences is composed of people who are truly passionate about teaching. They work very hard to make sure students succeed in their chosen career paths. Biology offers students great opportunities to get involved in research in a wide variety of disciplines. It is one of the few institutions that is working towards building a new generation of Biology Educators. Most importantly, the School offers a positive, collaborative, and productive work environment to faculty, staff, and students.

    Gregory DeKrey

    Dr. Gregory DeKrey

    UNC is a great place to teach and do science! The students at UNC are highly motivated to learn and a lot of fun to work with in the classroom or in the laboratory. The facilities in biology are outstanding with spacious, well equipped laboratories and modern lecture halls that were designed with learning in mind. The other faculty and staff in biology are fantastic -- its a really happy place to be.

    Nicholas Pullen

    Dr. Nicholas Pullen

    The teacher-scholar model we follow at UNC is one of the main benefits of being a biology faculty member.  We have access to cutting-edge research instrumentation and other capabilities, and we also have the time (and expectation) to work closely with UNC students in the classroom and via one-on-one mentoring experiences.  If a student is looking for unique scientific enrichment, they will find none other in the state – or even in the Rocky Mountain Region – than what the faculty research labs at UNC have to offer.  Furthermore, undergrads get access to their faculty when it comes to coursework.  This family-like, collegial interaction among students and teachers is the cornerstone of the UNC mindset.   Our students go on to do amazing work in their chosen fields, and I consider it a privilege to take part in their journeys.   Because of our students and wonderful colleagues, I absolutely love being at UNC and couldn’t imagine a better experience.

    Yuyan Han

    Dr. Yuyan Han

    I felt encouraged and supported from my first day in the School of Biological Sciences.  The passion of my colleages towards teaching and research is inspiring and drives me to be a better educator and scientist.  The School is special in many ways.  The access that students have to each faculty member goes well beyond the classroom.  Everyone supports student interest and involvement in research to get better-connected with the science of biology.  The research areas in biology are very diverse.  That gives students many options when choosing a research experience.  Collaborations between faculty members within and beyond our school are common.  This enhances our professional development, and that increases our professional impact at the university and national levels.  I feel fortunate to work in such a friendly, open environment.