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On-site Software

Below is the listing of software purchased by the Academic Software Refresh Program.  The program purchases software for Academic purposes such as Classrooms, Labs, Grants, and Research.  Much of the software below is available in Classroom and Lab settings.  

IM&T attempts to deliver site licensed software to as many Classrooms and Labs as it makes since to deploy to.  Limited Quantity Software is generaly deployed to specific locations to ensure we are staying in license compliance.  Working together with Professors and IM&T committees IM&T is able to purchase additional licensing for software and install it into additional locations.  

It is important to note that this list of software is only what UNC IM&T centrally funds, Colleges and Departments fund a variety of software specific to their programs.  The listing of currently deployed software below represents many of those packages.

  • Classroom Software
  • Site License

    Software Purchased as a Site License

    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • ArcGIS
    • Mathematica
    • Microsoft Office
    • Microsoft Visio
    • MiniTab 18 & Express
    • NVivo
    • SAS
    • SPSS
  • Limited Quantity

    Limited Quantity Software

    • AccessData FTK
    • Atlis.TI
    • Camtasia
    • ChemDraw
    • ENVI
    • Finale v.25
    • Geoplot
    • GPR Slice
    • Jaws
    • MatLab (for student use only)
    • MatLab (for research)
    • Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate
    • Pendragon
    • Photoscan
    • Reason 9
    • Rhinoceros 3D
    • Sigma Plot
    • Stata
    • Trimble GPS
    • Vicon
    • Visual 3d Pro
    • WinHex Specialist

Remote Software

  • Cloud Software

    UNC has a number of licenses that allow users to access programs both at UNC and remotely by using UNC's cloud services. 

    UNC users do NOT need VPN access for these programs.

    *Office365 Programs (email, Word, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Teams, PowerBI, etc.) 

    • Academic Works
    • Aim
    • Canvas
    • CBord Web
    • Digital Measures
    • Ellucian Mobile
    • eTranscript
    • Handshake
    • Insight
    • IRIS
    • Library Services
    • Notify
    • OnBase Web Client
    • Parchment
    • Slate
    • URSA
    • Zoom
  • Additional Remote Software
  • VPN - Required Software

    VPN General Access 

    If you have a first.lastname account, you have general VPN access. No need to submit a ticket. 
    *Note: students will not be given VPN access.

    General VPN access will allow you to access: 

    • Banner
    • Appworx
    • BossCars
    • CSGold
    • Flywire Payment Processor
    • Network Drives (Department Share drive, S:\ ,etc)*
    • Odyssey
    • Onbase App
    • RecTrac
    • UNC File Servers
    • Xtender
      *Note: Prior to going off-campus, you must create a shortcut on the desktop of your departmental shared drive to continue to access the shared drive off-campus. You can also view our NETWORK DRIVEpage for information on how to map those from home. 

    VPN Privileged Access

    If you need access to these services, you will need to submit an IT support ticket to receive access. 

    • FSS
    • Raiser's Edge
    • Lenel Door Access
    • SFTP Server