Portfolio Management

The IM&T Senior Leadership team serves as the Project Management Office (PMO) to prioritize and categorize approved projects and to manage resource allocations.

  • What requires an IM&T Project?
    • IM&T Project Requests are required for any of the following:
      • Any technology request that requires central funding
      • Any technology request that requires substantial IM&T staffing resources to implement and/or support
      • Any technology request that requires a data feed
      • Any technology request that poses a potential information security threat
    • Requests Submitted through the Facilities Capital Request process do not need to be submitted through the IM&T Process.
    • Contact IM&T if you are not sure how to proceed and we will be happy to provide guidance
  • How do I submit an IM&T Project Request?
  • When should I submit an IM&T Project Request?
    • The revised IM&T Project intake survey will not close. Projects can be submitted at any time throughout the year
    • IM&T requests that departments submit projects as early as possible to ensure ample planning times
    • Any project requiring central funds for FY21 must be submitted by 11/1/20.
  • How are resources allocated to a Project?
    • The IM&T Project Management Office (PMO) is responsible for scoring projects and coordinating with the ITC and UNC Senior Leadership to approve central strategic funding for project requests.
    • The IM&T PMO is responsible for assigning IM&T Staffing resources to a project and determining when a project will start.
    • All approved IM&T Project Requests will reside in a pending status until IM&T Staffing resources are allocated.
    • All IM&T Projects that are not approved will reside in a project backlog and will be reevaluated by the PMO and the ITC during the next project evaluation cycle. 
  • How can I check the status of my Project?

    Below is a summary of the available project views:

    • Submitted Projects - Lists all Projects that are assigned to Research Project Managers for Scoping.
    • Under Review - Projects that have been scoped and are currently being evaluated by the IM&T PMO or the ITC. 
    • Backlog - Lists all projects that were not approved and are the backlog until the next evaluation cycle.
    • Approved Projects - Lists all active projects as well as all pending projects that have earmarked funding and/or IM&T Resources but have not been activated by the PMO.
    • Active Projects - Lists that have been activated by the PMO and are actively being worked on.
    • Completed Projects - Lists that have been completed or abandoned.

    IM&T Project Process
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  • What are the project stages?
    • Submitted - Projects that have been submitted and are currently being scoped by research project managers.
    • Under Review - Projects that have been scoped by research project managers and are being scored by the PMO or reviewed by the ITC.
    • Backlog - Projects that have been scored by the PMO and reviewed by the ITC but were not approved.
    • Pending - Projects that have been approved by the ITC or the PMO but have not been activated by the PMO pending available IM&T resources.
    • Active - Projects that have been activated by the PMO and are actively being worked on.
    • On Hold - Projects that were active, however do to unforeseen circumstances are temporarily on hold until resources become available or other issues are resolved. 
    • Completed - Projects that were successfully completed.
    • Abandoned - Projects that we not successfully completed or were withdrawn by the submitted prior to activation.