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DEI Practices

The University of Northern Colorado Information Management and Technology team practices the same Equity-Minded Practices and Community Principles provided by the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.


We commit to be:

  • Caring: We commit to providing a welcoming campus community environment where individuals can find a sense of belonging where we foster respect, empathy and support to strengthen our campus community connection.
  • Inclusive: We embrace diversity in all forms of being. We value individuals and their uniqueness in our community. We recognize each individual’s contribution is important to achieving our institutional goals.
  • Civil: We uphold social justice and are committed to promote fairness in treatment and access while raising awareness about equity-minded practices in our community.
  • Accessible: We acknowledge differences in our society and foster a learning environment through education and strategic actions. Enhance quality of campus life for all.
  • Service-oriented: We seek to advance equity-minded practices and communications and be responsive in supporting our community.

To better be advocates for Diversity Equity and Inclusion, the Information Management and Technology department has created the following Initiatives:

  • IM&T believes that diversity equity and inclusion starts from within. IM&T requires that all hiring authorities in IM&T attend at least one UNITE Workshop, preferably the UNITE Equity and Inclusions Foundations course. IM&T continues to encourage all members of our staff, both full time and students, to attend all the UNITE courses.
  • IM&T acknowledges that we are continuing to learn all the nuances and needs of the various cultural centers across campus. We are creating or join regular and recurring channels of communication with various campus leaders to ensure that IM&T support their needs, and better understand the challenges these groups face.
  • IM&T is using the skills and knowledge learned in actions 1 and 2 to provide more channels for students of diverse background to access jobs and skills that IM&T can provide.
  • IM&T believes that words have power. Our documentation and coding standards committee recommends using the most current DEI terminology whenever possible in our internal documentation and front facing support documents.
  • IM&T wants to make sure we are celebrating diversity at UNC. IM&T works with cultural centers to promote, celebrate, and educate about cultural holidays.