Traveling Abroad

Before traveling to countries outside of the United States, it is imperative to establish the appropriate multi-factor authentication settings. Programs like Canvas, campus email, and VPN access all require multi-factor authentication when accessing from off campus. 

Multi-factor by Phone:

If you are using your phone, you MUST ensure you will be able to receive texts via your registered number. If you are going to swap your sim card while traveling, you will NOT be able to use your registered number.

Multi-factor by App:

If you have a smart phone, UNC recommends you use Microsoft's authentication application.  The app will work no matter what phone # you have as long as you are able to connect your phone to wifi.


If you are not going to bring your phone, you will need a hardware token. You can call the TSC or go to the HELP PORTAL to submit a ticket for a hardware token. 

 Need help? 

Check out theMMFA Quick Guide. The guide has screen shots to help you through the process. You can also contact the Technical Support Center (TSC) for additional assistance.