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Student Senate Meeting Notes: Nov. 14, 2018


Student Senate meeting notes
Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018
5:30 p.m.

UNC President Andy Feinstein, VP of External & University Relations Dan Weaver, Greeley City Manager Roy Otto and  Greeley City Councilmember Jon Smail (Ward 1) were present to learn more about what the Greeley community can do to engage UNC students on weekends/evenings. They'd like to have two-three meetings with the students at UNC to learn more about their perceptions of Greeley and things to do here. 

Comments from Student Senate members:

  • Would like more nightlife in Greeley (dancing, beer, etc.)
  • Want more entertainment options to stay open past 9 p.m.
  • Felt that local businesses need to do better marketing to reach the college population
  • Didn't know how to find out what was going on around town
  • Felt that entertainment options/events should come to campus at the beginning of the school year to advertise 
  • Want more 18+ entertainment options available for the underage crowd
  • City of Greeley has stigma of being unsafe (although there were no actual examples)
  • Were told by UNC tours guides not to go to certain areas of town

Feinstein and Otto want to know what students enjoy doing, what more they'd like to see and how to strengthen student's role in the community. Graduate student wants and needs may differ from the undergraduate student population so the GSA Director is working on setting up meetings with this committee to give the graduate student perspective. Any graduate students wanting to be a part of this discussion should contact david.shimokawa@unco.edu.  

UNC Bear Den representative Donovan attended the meeting seeking Student Senate endorsement of the Bear Den. Bear Den wants to build student/fan experience at UNC athletic events. Asked Student Senate what would get students to show up and participate at games. Any graduate students wanting to participate in Bear Den can contact Donovan at barr5773@bears.unco.edu. Donovan is currently Bear Den Treasurer and will be running for president next year.   

Student Senate announced their endorsement of resolution on Gender and Gender Expression

Still searching for new provost, search committee will review applications after Nov. 20. 

Student Senate town hall meeting to be held next semester. All elected offices/senators will be available to answer questions. Tenatative date, Jan. 16, 2019.

Malaika Michel-Fuller is the Student Trustee attending the UNC Board of Trustees meeting on Nov. 16. Malaika to give the Student Senate update. She is also serving on a committee for open educational resources (headed by UNC Librarian Jen Mayer). Deals with classroom resources that are available to students (OER). Wants comments or compaints about textbooks used at UNC. 

Malaika giving student senate update (give her info if necessary). 

Student Senate election packet goes out generally first of February. Election Commissioner Tammy Ortiz is on the MLK Day committee for this coming January. UNC is the starting point for the MLK Day march this year. Students can submit artwork, do performance (let Tammy, Jazmine Houston or Talia Carroll know). 

Announcement: Mental Health Awareness Week will be the week after Thanksgiving.