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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates | Fall 2021 Plans

Local Business Fair

The 2021 Local Business Fair is in the works! Stay tuned!
Date: TBD, August 2021
Time TBD
Location TBD

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Vendor Breezeway Table Map
Vendor Lawn Tent Map

 UNC Local Business Fair vendor booth table 01 UNC Local Business Fair vendor booth table 02 

In the tradition of the former UNC Fall “Bizarre,” the Graduate Student Association will be hosting the annual UNC Local Business Fair on the first day of school in the McKee Hall Breezeway!

The Local Business Fair is the perfect place for companies and organizations to introduce their products and services to members of the campus community as they return from summer break. With over 10,000 students, 500 faculty members and 1,600 staff members, the campus community is equal to approximately 11% of the population of the City of Greeley! 

What you will receive on the day of the Fair 

  • An opportunity tell students about your business or organization.
  • The ability to provide samples of your product or service.
  • One standard six-foot table per registered space.
  • Two chairs per registered space.

Please note

  • Electricity will not be available (no generators please).
  • Illegal drug, tobacco and/or alcohol promotions are not allowed.
  • Only tables provided by UNC may be used.
  • Tent space rental is for lawn space only. You must provide your own tent. 
  • Please keep pets at home, except service animals.
  • Giveaways only! No items available for sale. 
  • Credit card sign-ups are not allowed.
  • Signage must fit on the top of or hang from the front of your table.

UNC Student Profile

  • UNC students are spending money locally
    • UNC students spent over $42 million in the local service economy in 20151
      • 70% of this money came from outside the region
  • The UNC main campus has over 10,000 students2
    • 8,928 undergrads
      • 64% female / 36% male
    • 1,213 graduate students
      • 77% female / 23% male
  • UNC students are nearby
    • 3,390 students are living in UNC housing2

National College Student Profile

  • Students average $1,200 per month in income3
    • Earned through part-time work and/or family assistance
    • Three out of four students have a job
    • 40% of this income is discretionary (that's $480 per month!)
  • Most students have credit cards3
    • 84% of undergrads have one or more credit cards
  • Students are budgeting for experiences4
    • 82% report budgeting for socializing with friends at restaurants or bars
    • 58% budget for cultural events like concerts and theater





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