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Innovators and Leaders

At UNC, we’re innovators and leaders—which is one of the reasons our students become innovators and leaders as well. Because of our just-right size, our programs can be nimble and responsive, led by faculty who are scholars and leaders in their fields.

Students and the community benefit from innovative programs like FETCHLAB, giving audiology students valuable experience by providing hearing tests for dogs, horses and other animals. 

FETCHLAB is part of Innovation@UNC, a campus initiative to create new programs, reach new students, test new teaching methods and improve student success.

Five Reasons to Enroll


Teacher/Scholar Model

UNC is classified by the Carnegie Foundation as a doctoral/research university. We utilize a teacher/scholar model where faculty demonstrate and value superior teaching supported by original, active research. Faculty members are active participants in their career fields and provide you with expert guidance.


Small classes/One-on-One Attention

Class sizes at UNC are small which allow you to meaningfully interact with faculty in the classroom and on presentation and publication opportunities. Within our academic community, you get to know your fellow graduate students and find opportunities for collaboration. For distance education students, UNC offers an increasing number of cohort classes where students move through a program together, encouraging students to network and create meaningful connections.


Affordable Graduate Costs

We offer affordable graduate tuition and a wide array of assistance options for qualified graduate students. Options for assistance include research, teaching and administrative assistantships available in most academic programs and in some campus administrative departments. Graduate School Diversity Tuition Assistance for members of under-represented groups, Tuition reduction through the Western Regional Graduate Exchange (WRGP) and the Graduate Dean's Scholarship.



We offer outstanding research and extensive library facilities, as well as scientific, educational and research consulting laboratories, to assist you in your course of study and to support you in your chosen profession.



You can choose from more than 100 graduate programs across all university colleges. Our outstanding faculty will challenge and support you to develop advanced skills, knowledge and dispositions you need to succeed in a competitive global environment.