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Welcome New and Returning Students!

Welcome to the University of Northern Colorado! As a new or returning graduate student, you join a vibrant learning community comprised of innovative educators, nationally recognized scholars, passionate students and a dedicated staff of professionals.

Beginning with our first graduate class in 1911, the University of Northern Colorado continues a proud tradition of more than 100 years of graduate education. In addition to our outstanding faculty, you will find excellent research facilities, as well as scientific, clinical and educational laboratories and extensive library resources. These will help stimulate your sense of inquiry, enhance your ability to master complex topics and help you immerse yourself in your chosen profession.

Jeri-Anne Lyons

During your time here, I urge you to explore the diversity of educational, artistic and recreational opportunities: attend lectures, become involved in faculty research, participate in Academic Excellence Week, find a mentor, take courses from other departments and engage people from other disciplines and from around the world. A graduate education involves more than academics and I urge you to attend the numerous artistic, musical, theatrical and dance performances on campus. I would also encourage you explore the northern front-range, hike the beautiful Rocky Mountains or visit energizing cities such as Denver, Boulder and Vail.

Once again, welcome the University of Northern Colorado. I wish you every success in your studies and look forward to meeting you.

Jeri-Anne Lyons, Ph.D. 
Associate Vice President of Research
Dean of the Graduate School