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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates

Graduate Faculty Status/Doctoral Research Endorsement

The Graduate School has encountered difficulties using Digital Measures and is suspending its use for the GF and GF/DRE application process until further notice.

Faculty members must complete and email the following electronic documents to their department chair or school director:

  • GF or DRE/GF Application
  • UNC Curriculum Vitae
  • DRE applications must also include PDFs of only the first page of three publications.

Department chair or school director: Please digitally sign (Adobe Verified signature preferred) and send to your college dean.

The college dean will then forward the application to Carol Steward at Carol.Steward@unco.edu in the Graduate School.

Also, any full-time faculty member or qualified administrator holding graduate faculty status is eligible to serve on doctoral committees. Those who serve as research advisors must have the additional doctoral research endorsement (DRE) and must attend the DRE workshop.


Tips for the Successful Completion of PDF Forms

  • Please do not print, hand write/sign forms or use DocuSign or AdobeSign. This removes the digital completion components.
  • Download PDF documents and save them. Open with Adobe Acrobat to complete forms. Do not fill out forms in a browser or Mac Preview.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for free at the Adobe website.
  • All faculty need to sign using Adobe Verified Signatures on the same form. (Follow in-app prompts to set up faculty signatures.) Save after each person signs.

Applications and Guidelines

DRE Workshops

For the time being, the DRE Workshop is an online presentation with a few questions at the end. The survey at the end must be completed in order to fulfill the participation requirement. If you have any questions, please contact Carol.Steward@unco.edu.