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Graduate Faculty Status/Doctoral Research Endorsement

We are excited to announce that the Graduate Faculty and the Doctoral Research Endorsement application for appointment/reappointment is moving to Digital Measures! At this time, we are piloting only the Graduate Faculty and Doctoral Research Endorsement applications. The applications below may be used and saved until you receive notification that the DM site is live. As of Oct. 3, 2018, the Standards Committee list for the October review is full, so once live, the applications will proceed in Digital Measures.

The Graduate Lecturer, Emeritus Graduate Faculty and Graduate Faculty Equivalence applications will follow soon, but until that time, continue to send those applications by email to your Program Chair or School Director for signatures.

You should already be familiar with Digital Measures, so this will be a quick and efficient process for you. If anything is stalled, we can find out where it's at in the workflow. No more getting lost in our emails!

  • Click on the Task Bar in Workflow and CLICK on the Application
  • Complete the application, save and upload Application to Digital Measures
  • DRE applicants, also upload the first pages of three written products, or acceptance letter if it is pre-publication)
  • Your CV will automatically load from DM, so make sure you have it up-to-date
  • Workflow will then route your application through the following for signatures and reviews:
    • The School Director, Department Chair or Program Coordinator
    • College Dean for their approval signature
    • Carol Steward in the Graduate School
    • Standards Committee of Graduate Council for decisions
  • Once the decision is made, your letter will be stored in Digital Measures.

Questions, contact Carol.Steward@unco.edu or 970-351-1805.


If the Director and/or Dean does not recommend faculty for requested status, the Director and/or Dean must email the application back to the applicant.  The applicant can then decide if he or she wants to continue with the process. If he or she would like to continue with the application process, he or she must submit the application with appropriate documentation to carol.steward@unco.edu in the Graduate School for review by the Standards Committee.