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Graduate Faculty Status/Doctoral Research Endorsement

The Graduate Faculty and the Doctoral Research Endorsement application for appointment/reappointment can be completed electronically. The faculty member completes the GF, GFE or DRE application, signs it by typing their name and date in the appropriate fields and emails this form and Vitae (DRE application also requires the first page of three written products) to the following:

  • The Director/Coordinator for approval and signature
  • The Director/Coordinator then emails the application to the College Dean for their approval signature
  • The College Dean will then email the completed form back to Carol Steward in the Graduate School by attaching application and appropriate documentation (Vitae and for DRE the first pages of three written products) to the e-mail.

Please Note: If you are using a Macintosh to fill out the form, you must use Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat Professional. Please do not fill out the form in Preview.



If the Director and/or Dean does not recommend faculty for requested status, the Director and/or Dean must email the application back to the applicant.  The applicant can then decide if he or she wants to continue with the process. If he or she would like to continue with the application process, he or she must submit the application with appropriate documentation to carol.steward@unco.edu in the Graduate School for review by the Standards Committee.