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New Graduate Student Orientation

Welcome to UNC — we are excited to welcome you as a new graduate student! To help acquaint you to UNC we offer a New Graduate Student Orientation (NGSO). NGSO provides an overview of what to expect at UNC as well as the opportunity to meet other graduate students and university staff.

You are not required to attend NGSO, but it is a great opportunity to interact with other graduate students, access information about resources available to you as a graduate student and learn more about UNC. You may also check out the Orientation Guide.

When you are on the Greeley campus, please feel free to stop by the Graduate School, located in Carter Hall, room 2007, to meet us in person! You may also stop by Bear Central, located in the Campus Commons, and enjoy a campus tour.

Fall 2024

New Graduate Student Orientation (NGSO) will take place on campus on Tuesday, Aug. 20. All new graduate students are invited and encouraged to attend, including those in Extended Campus programs who live locally.

If you have any questions, please contact Genevieve Altomare at Genevieve.altomare@unco.edu