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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates | Fall 2021 Plans

Information and Forms  

  • Faculty Evaluation   

    Visit the Board Policy Manual for more information.

    • 1-1-307 Faculty Evaluation
    • 1-1-307(3) Post-Tenure Review
    • 1-1-308 Promotion
    • 2-3-901 Promotion
    • 2-3-902 Tenure

    Visit the University Regulations for more information.

    • 3-3-801(1) Comprehensive Review
    • 3-3-801(1)(a) Promotion Review
    • 3-3-801(1)(b) Pre-Tenure Review
    • 3-3-801(1)(c) Tenure Review
    • 3-3-801(1)(d) Post-Tenure Review
    • 3-3-801(2) Annual/Biennial Review
    • 3-3-901 Faculty Salary Increase for Promotion

    Late September

    College Deans provide Human Resources with their list of faculty eligible for promotion and tenure. A copy of the list should be sent to relevant Schools or Departments and Academic Affairs. Eligibility will be confirmed by Human Resources to Academic Affairs and Deans by October 14.


    Director notifies eligible faculty. Eligible faculty members submit documentation to director. Tenured department faculty recommendation to director. Director's recommendation to Dean. Specific deadlines set by deans.

    Friday before Spring Break

    Dean submits recommendations, evaluations and letters from Dean and Director to Provost. Review of faculty dossiers by Provost and the Provost's staff. Dossier materials will be kept in the colleges but be accessible in the Deans Office for review by Office of the Provost staff and the Provost. Appeals will be accepted through the Friday of spring break.

    Second Friday in April

    Provost's recommendation summary to President and letters to faculty.

    Second Friday in May

    Promotion and tenure recommendations to BOT for June meeting â€“ will include letters from Provost, Dean, Chair, and Department Committee.

    Third Friday in May

    Annual/Biennial Evaluations due to the Provost

    Evaluation, Promotion, and Tenure Forms 

  • Sabbatical Leave

     Visit the Board Policy Manual and University Regulations

    Annual Sabbatical Deadlines

    Last Monday in September

    Deans give deadlines and provide eligibility lists.

    Last Monday in October

    Eligible faculty submit proposals to their chair.

    Second Monday in November

    Chair and faculty recommendations are submitted to the dean.

    First Monday in December

    Dean, chair, and faculty recommendations are submitted to the provost.


    Provost reports decisions to the president.

    February Board of Trustees' meeting

    Provost reports decisions to the Board of Trustees.