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On Campus Housing Accommodations

Student sitting on couch in dorm

Housing accommodations are intended for individuals with a documented disability which substantially limits their ability to function daily in a residence hall environment.

Reasonable Housing Accommodations are considered on a student-by-student basis dependent upon the medical information provided in the documentation of disability. Please refer to the Housing Accommodation Policies and Procedures for information on requesting Housing Accommodations.

If you wish to petition for an exemption from the first year live-in requirement or be released from your academic year Housing & Dining Contract, please review and follow the Housing and Dining Contract Petition for Release Procedures.

For information regarding managing food allergies in the dining halls, please contact Dining Services. The Bear Bites menus also provide specific ingredient information for all dining stations on campus.

For more information on housing accommodation requests, please call Disability Resource Center at 970-351-2289.