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Getting Started

The need for academic accommodations are determined by the documentation and a student interview.  This is regardless of whether the student has ever used accommodations before, has a recent or older diagnosis, or just wants to learn more about possible academic accommodations.

Step 1

Fill out Request for Accommodations Form

Please fill out and submit the Request for Accommodations Form prior to scheduling your initial meeting with a DRC staff member.

Request for Accommodations Form

Step 2

Schedule a Meeting

A student schedules a meeting with a DRC staff member to discuss academic accommodations. Students can schedule in person, at our office in Michener office L-80, or via phone at 970-351-2289. 

Step 3

Submit Documentation

Please provide Disability Resource Center with your most recent documentation specifying your disability and its educational impact. Documentation can be submitted via email (DRC@unco.edu), fax (970-351-4166), or in-person, prior to or at the first meeting with a staff member. If you do not yet have documentation, we can also try to connect you with the correct resources, both on and off campus. Please see our Documentation Guidelines for more detailed information. 

Step 4

Determine Accommodations

Through a collaborative process, the student and staff member determine appropriate accommodations to assist the student in the classroom and at UNC events and programs. 

Step 5

Complete a Follow-Up Appointment

To secure accommodations, students will need to schedule a follow-up appointment to review and sign policies and procedures, and to learn how to use the DRC Student online portal to manage accommodations. Accommodations do not go into effect until the follow-up appointment is completed, and all paperwork has been reviewed, signed, and submitted. 

Student Right and Responsibilities

Disability Resource Center provides students and parents the opportunity to review Student Rights and Responsibilities before meeting with our staff. The DRC staff will review these documents in more detail with the student.

In addition to providing notification and documenting the need for accommodation(s), students with disabilities also have the following rights and responsibilities:


  • to an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from courses, programs, services or activities;
  • to an equal opportunity to work and to learn, to receive reasonable accommodations, academic adjustments, and/or auxiliary aids and services;
  • to the assurance that all disability-related records will be confidential and maintained separately from college/university records.


  • to meet qualifications and maintain essential institutional standards for courses, programs, services or activities;
  • to initiate all requests for accommodations and services;
  • to give institutions advance notice of needed accommodation(s).

Documentation accepted at this university might not be accepted by other institutions, agencies and/or programs (e.g. testing agencies, licensure exams, certification programs). Please check with the specific institutions and/or programs to determine their documentation requirements.