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Student Teaching Abroad

For Teacher Candidates

  • Please contact the Student Teaching Placement Officer, Lynette Kerrigan, ONE YEAR ahead of time about your plans. 
  • Minimum 3.5 GPA
  • Written approval of your program coordinator
  • Passing Praxis scores submitted in the Student Teaching Application checkpoint by the due date for your program
  • Review and complete requirements in the International Student Teaching handbook

For Host Schools

The School of Teacher Education is looking for dependable partners around the world to place our teacher candidates. We are proud of our students, and would like to expand student teaching abroad opportunities for them. If you would like to have student teachers at your school, please contact Lynette Kerrigan. A few things to consider:

  • Students need to have a good idea about possible cost: transportation, housing, meals. They appreciate any help to reduce the cost, for example host family situation.
  • We care greatly about safety of your locality, and advise students against going to areas of civil conflict, political instability or high crime rate.
  • Students need to be placed with experienced (at least three years of classroom experience) cooperating teachers. If your country has a system of professional licensure, those teachers need to be licensed. UNC pays $100 stipend to cooperating teachers. Our students need good mentoring and experienced role models.
  • Our students will need a supervisor; someone to come and observe at least three lessons, and fill out evaluation forms. In most cases, a school principal (headmaster) or another senior administrator agrees to fulfill that role. UNC pays a $400 stipend to supervisors.
  • Most of our teacher candidates need to be placed in an English language classroom, but occasionally, we have students who can teach in Spanish, German, or French.