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About Elementary Education: Teacher Licensure Emphasis

The Elementary Education: Teacher Licensure (ELED) major is required for all students pursuing licensure in elementary education as it provides the broad academic background that is essential for an elementary teacher.  This plan of study equips students to address the full range of the Colorado Academic Standards in their teaching.  Students can also pursue English as a Second Language (ESL) in the ELED major.  To complete the elementary licensure program students take the Professional Teacher Education Program (PTEP) courses.  Early field experience, two practicums, and a full semester of student teaching puts classroom theory into practice.

The coursework in this cross-college major is designed to provide students with an interdisciplinary liberal arts education.  Courses in the Liberal Arts Core (LAC) provide the broad foundation, with courses from eight general categories required.  The required ELED Core courses narrow the focus to four disciplines or clusters of disciplines:  math, science, history and the social sciences, and language and literature.  These courses examine ways of thinking within and across broadly related disciplines. An Academic Track provides students with more in-depth study of an academic discipline.