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To set up Direct Deposit for net financial aid proceeds or student payroll, print out the form below, complete the information, attach a voided preprinted check with your name on it from your bank account or an official letter or document from your bank, and return the form to the UNC Card Office located in the University Center.  If you do not use checks, obtain a letter from your bank stating the bank account belongs to you, and has the routing number and account number.  ADDING IN HAND WRITTEN NAMES IS NOT ALLOWED.  HAND WRITTEN BANK ACCOUNT AND ROUTING INFORMATION WILL ALSO NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Completed Direct Deposits can be emailed to card.office@unco.edu but must come from an OFFICIAL UNCO email address. Emails from outside the university will not be opened. 

You may also mail your form to the following address:

University of Northern ColoradoCard OfficeCampus Box 2Greeley, CO 80639

or Fax your form to 970-351-3051

Student Authorization Direct Deposit 

If you have any questions about setting up Direct Deposit or questions about this form, please call the UNC Card Office at 970-351-2821.