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On Campus Resources

The University of Northern Colorado is committed to providing support and resources to survivors of gender-based violence. If you do not wish to initiate a report or investigation, you can speak with someone at one of the confidential resources below.  If you contact a confidential resource, you can always decide to file a report or initiate an investigation at a later time. All of the resources listed on this page are available to survivors, regardless of whether they choose to report to law enforcement. All other employees who do not work at a confidential resource are required to report any instances of gender-based violence to the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance (OIEC). 

On-Campus Supportive Services

There are several ways in which the University works to support survivors and remedy the effects of gender-based violence. The following are some common examples of available accommodations: 

  • Academic accommodations and Academic Intervention letters
  • Financial aid and on-campus employment accommodations
  • Limiting contact with no contact orders
  • Residence Hall or on-campus living accommodations
  • Counseling 

To learn more about these and other campus accommodations, reach out to confidential ASAP advocates at 970-351-1490 (business line) or 970-351-4040 (crisis line).

The Student Outreach & Support Office and the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance can also assist you in on-campus accommodations; please note that both of these offices are NOT confidential and disclosing your story to them would initiate a report or investigation.