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Career Advice for New Grads

Graduation Deam and Do

Office of Alumni RelationsOffice of Alumni Relations
May 03, 2018

Graduation is both an exciting and stressful time in the life of a student, especially when it means starting a career with the daunting "job search."

UNC alumni remember what it was like to graduate, search for that first job, and build the confidence to start a career. That's why they openly share their advice with students through the alumni association's career programs

Recently we asked the UNC alumni LinkedIn group to share their advice with new graduates, and here's what they had to say:

"Show up for interviews prepared. Research the company. Ask questions about the position/company. Explain why your skills are relevant to the position. Remember that interviews are two-way - you can interview the business, too, to make sure it's a good fit both ways. Follow up with the hiring manager after the interview to say thank you and ask for next steps."

Lauren Meeker (BA - 2014)
Head of NLA Department at Madwire

"Above all else, be yourself and be prepared."

Keri I. Pugh, AIF (BS - 1997)
Financial Advisor at PLP Financial

"Send a thank you note within 24hours. Be 15 minutes early to the interview. Bring a copy of your resume and references, just in ase. Be confident. Identify friends, mentors, and teachers who gave you ideas. It shows you are willing and able to give credit where it's due."

Natalie Palmer (BS - 1996,  MA - 1999)
Information Technology Trainer at UCHealth

"Interviewing is a skill. After each interview, review what you thought went well and what you feel you need to improve on. Prepare and practice. If you are not good at something, keep at it. Practice builds skill, skill builds confidence."

Dana M. Hagood, SPHR (BA - 1981)
Executive Director of Human Resources at USAA

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Additional Career Advice and Resources

Access additional career support, including online and on-demand resources through the UNC Alumni Association.

New grads also retain access to professional career counseling appointments for three years following graduation. Visit the Office of Center for Career Readiness for additional information.