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2019 Bob and Bonnie Phelps Family CAP Awards Recipients

The University of Northern Colorado through the Office of Academic Community Engagement is proud to announce the 2019 winners of The Bob & Bonnie Phelps Family CAP Awards.

A photo of Jacqueline Pasillas

Jacqueline Pasillas 

My name is Jacqueline Pasillas and I am a proud, first-generation college student. I am currently pursuing a degree an Elementary Education with a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse concentration. My goal after finishing at UNC is to work with students who are non-native language learners. I come from two hard-working parents who came to the United States from Zacatecas, Mexico with nothing but a dream and some change. I grew up in Aurora, Colorado and moved to Greeley in pursuit of a teaching degree. My achievements go beyond the work in the classroom. I am part of many programs and clubs here at UNC like the Center for Human Enrichment, Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc. and I served as a board member on the Multicultural Greek Council. Along with that, served as a Program Coordinator at the Cesar Chavez Cultural Center here on campus. Outside of the university, I was a Senior Partner for Partners Mentoring Youth Program and have worked at the Boys and Girls Club of Weld County at Salida Del Sol Academy. One of my greatest acts of community service was planning and coordinating the Latina Youth Leadership Conference for two years as a director and one year as a program presenter. I am passionate about service projects that focus on diverse communities.

A photo of Jorge Rubio

Jorge Rubio 

Jorge is a motivated student and entrepreneur with a high interest in helping others. He comes from a long line of farmers whose highest level of education was high school at best. As a first-generation student, college has been difficult, whether that’s been navigating the school environment or explaining to his mother the importance of philosophy, his major. Now as a junior studying philosophy, he generates his passion and drive from two sources: His mother’s struggle to provide for his sister, and a promise he made to his young brother, who passed away seven years ago. His passion has fueled him to become the “greatest version of himself” a slogan by a timely mentor Elliot Hulse. So, In the last six year he has been able to indulge himself in work that he can be proud of such as: becoming the first person in his family to attend university, earn a associates degree, becoming a McNair scholar all the while being a part of programs like Fuerza Latina, NSLS, Link Crew, Avid, Catalyst, Bueno camp, SMYLI, McNair, OUTLAW, Ranch, even creating a website: holisticsuccesscoaching.com. His desire to become the best version has also spilled over into his academics which has resulted in three semesters of consistent GPA’s of 3.71 or higher.  Now Jorge’s ambition has turned towards the greater things like being a part of the honors program, completing a bachelor’s degree and being accepted into graduate school for Philosophy or Psychology. Eventually, as a PhD he looks to open a private practice where he hopes to talk to and help men ages 18-25 to be successful and find their place in life. For now, He will continue to grow his community service work, experience as a mentor, achieving academic success all in hopes of achieving career readiness for the future.


A photo of Gabrielle Stanton

Gabrielle Stanton 

 My name is Gabrielle Stanton, I am a junior at UNC pursuing a double major in French and Geography. I also participate in the Honors program and I am committed to retaining a GPA of 4.0. As a transfer student from a small community college, I was not sure what to expect from UNC faculty and students. My expectations were met and exceeded by everyone at UNC. It is thanks to my professors that I decided to pursue the Honors program and challenge myself beyond simply finishing classes. After learning about refugees in various geography classes, I decided to engage in the refugee community here in Greeley. I am now a soccer coach with Soccer Without Borders and I coach a team of girls from refugee backgrounds. At practices, games and academic tutoring sessions, I provide them with a safe environment to learn social skills, self-advocacy, and healthy physical and emotional habits. My time spent with these kids has made an indelible impression. I treasure this opportunity to give back to my community and pay forward some of the love and support I was given. Once I graduate from UNC, I plan to work with resettled refugees and asylum seekers. 


Past Recipients

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    Adriana Trujillo, Art History and Anthropology

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    Azanet Rodriguez, Human Services

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  • 2014

    Jorge Anaya, Art Education

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    Joanna Dutchess Paige, Psychology