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Doc Talks Speaker Series Presented by The Greeley Creative District

Doc talks series speakers

January 08, 2020

The Greeley Creative District is bringing back Doc Talks: a series to provide the community access to local experts, who will share their knowledge and insights in an informal setting that also allows for more audience interaction and questions.

Admission is FREE, but seating is limited, so an RSVP is requested.

All Talks will occur at the Zoe’s Event Center at 709 16th St., from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. The dates and topics are:

January 16th: Dr. Jason Hatch, NCMC/Banner Health, speaking on “The Incredible Human Heart”. Dr. Jason Hatch is medical director of the cardiac catheterization laboratories in northern Colorado for Banner Health. He will share his expertise on the “operating instructions” for this essential organ as well as the remarkable medical advances that have allowed for a quality of life never before imagined. Each of us is the owner of our health – find out what you need to know about your heart.

February 6th: Dr. William Merchant, UNC, speaking on “Decoding Your World”. Dr. William Merchant is an assistant professor in Applied Statistics and Research Methods at the University of Northern Colorado. His work includes deciphering patterns in information that helps show how data in various forms relate to us all on a personal level. Discover the meaning behind complexity, and what it reveals.

March 5th: Dr. Ron Edgerton, UNC, speaking on “General Pershing: An Interview". Dr. Ron Edgerton, History Professor Emeritus, University of Northern Colorado will portray General of the Armies John Joseph “Black Jack” Pershing, a key leader in WWI who was favored as a presidential candidate by both leading political parties at that time. Dr. Edgerton will discuss Pershing’s ideas on counterinsurgency warfare against Islamic militants. What might General Pershing have to say to us today? Discover the story behind this unusual American leader.

For more information on Doc Talks or The Greeley Creative District click here.