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Student Resources

UNC offers it military affiliated students numerous resources in order for them to have every opportunity for success. From student organizations to Department of Veterans Affairs representatives on campus every week, our military affiliated students are supported.

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Military affiliated students often qualify for in-state tuition rates including dependents due to their parents' service.

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Credit for Service

Service members and veterans are often eligible to receive credit for their training by submitting their JST and CCAF transcripts.

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Important Forms

There are many important forms for military affiliated students. The in-state waiver request and work study application are just a few.

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Military affiliated students at UNC are active in many different  student organizations such as the SVA and SALUTE.

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External Resources

Dr. Delia Sosa

Licensed Psychologist
VITAL Initiative Program Coordinator
Cheyenne VA Medical Center & Clinics
Consultant & University Liaison

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The VA VITAL program assists veterans in applying for VA medical and disability benefits. It also offers mental health resources on campus so students do not have to travel. Dr. Delia Sosa works to provide our students the VA resources they deserve. She is at UNC on a weekly basis. Contact Veterans Services to set an appointment or for more information.

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Colorado Department of Labor sign

Tim Marquart is the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment representative at UNC. Tim works with participants of the Vocational Rehabilitation program and other veterans to assist in finding long lasting and meaningful employment. From converting a military resume to a civilian one or exploring who is hiring, Tim can help. Contact Veterans Services to schedule an appointment.

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