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Sports Rider for NCAA Athletes

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A Sports Rider is additional coverage that an athlete purchases to cover injuries that may occur during practice or play for NCAA sports. Any NCAA Athlete on the UNC Insurance plan must purchase a separate "Sports Rider" each semester they are actively participating in Collegiate sports. The school insurance plan does not cover NCAA sports injuries.

If you are an NCAA Athlete on the school insurance plan you must purchase the sports rider through the insurance office. The current premium for a sports rider is $835 per semester with $5,000 maximum per injury. Please email nicky.weglin@unco.edu or call 970-351-1915 for further instructions.

NCAA Athletes who are not on the school plan, but are instead insured under a different plan, must verify with their insurance carrier that NCAA sports injuries will be covered. If your insurance does not cover sports injuries, you will need to find a different carrier or add additional sports coverage. If you are not covered by the UNC insurance plan, you can not add the school sports rider, you will need to find another plan. Your trainer or coach may have additional information regarding sports coverage.