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Deductible and Co-Insurance

If you are on the school insurance and live on campus or within 20 miles of Greeley, you are required to seek care at the student health center first. The benefit of this is that your $500 deductible will be waived (lab tests sent to an outside lab will be subject to the deductible). Students pay a $20.00 fee and everything that is done at the health center will be covered at 100%.

The deductible is $500 per person, per plan year for In-Network charges. The deductible for Out-Of-Network is $1,000. After the deductible has been met, benefits will be paid at 80% for in network and 50% for out of network.

The deductible will be taken from the first bills submitted to insurance for covered expenses. The deductible may be met with charges from a combination of providers, physicians, hospitals, labs, etc.

Maximum Payment 

There is unlimited benefit amounts per person, per policy year.

 Individual Out-Of-Pocket Maximum Expense Limit

The most you will have to pay out of pocket is $8,550 per insured person, for policy year Fall 2022 - Summer 2023.