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Student Health Center


The UNC Student Health Center is a walk in clinic (no appointment necessary) located in Cassidy Hall. All UNC students and employees are eligible to use the Student Health Center and most insurance plans can be billed. Check out our services

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 please let the front desk know when you walk in.

Do you have questions about MPOX? We have the information you need under  "Health Topics"  MPOX Virus.

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Contact Us

Cassidy Hall
1901 10th Ave.

Phone: 970-351-2412
Fax: 970-351-2427

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                  COVID “TEST TO TREAT” FACILITY

UNC’s Student Health Center is now classified as a “Test to Treat” facility, meaning patients can be tested, get a prescription for treatment (if they meet certain eligibility requirements) and have their prescription filled in one place. The SHC will offer Paxlovid antiviral therapy through this program, starting August 22nd.

Individuals who wish to take advantage of this program will need to call the Student Health Center at 970-351-2412 before arriving, and need to bring their insurance card to their appointment. 

Please note, masks are still required at the Student Health Center since it is a medical facility.



The best way to prevent the flu, is to get a flu shot! Walk in anytime between 9:00 - 3:30 for your FREE flu shot while supplies last. No appointment necessary! 

UNC employees can receive flu shots with their medical provider or local pharmacy. 

American College Health Association Institutional Member

UNC Bear Care Plan

The Bear Care Plan is for students whose insurance won't cover them at the Student Health Center. This plan could be used for out of state insurance that will only cover you in your home state or it could be used for students whose insurance is out of network. You can purchase four (4) visits at the health center for $199. The Bear Care Plan will cover everything the student has done at the health center unless it is lab work that is sent to an outside lab. The Bear Care Plan never expires and you can purchase it when you need it. You don't have to purchase it in advance of your visit. For more information or to sign up, call the front desk at 970-351-2412.

When the Student Health Center is closed Family Walk-In Clinic will honor the $20.00 copay policy that you have at the Student Health Center. When we are  closed you can choose to be seen at the Family Walk-In Clinic with a $20.00 copay and everything that is done at the clinic will be covered 100%.

If you have lab work or other testing that is sent to an outside lab, this will be applied to your deductible. If you have questions, please contact Nicky Weglin at 970-351-1915 or email nicky.weglin@unco.edu


Meningitis vaccines

Meningitis vaccines still available at no cost to anyone between the ages of 2-55.

College Health & Safety

Going to college is a time for gaining new knowledge and experiences, inside and outside the classroom.

Tips for staying safe and healthy

E-Cigarette Risks

The use of e-cigarettes is unsafe for kids, teens, and young adults.

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