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Expiration of Pandemic’s Emergency Orders May Mean Changes
for Students in Colorado Medicaid or CHP+ Programs  

As the pandemic winds down and the remaining federal public health emergency orders expire on May 11, 2023, many individuals who have been on Colorado Medicaid or CHP+ will be required to complete renewal packets to see if they qualify for continued coverage. For individuals whose coverage does not automatically renew, a packet of requalifying information will be sent out from the state. This information needs to be completed and returned by the deadline indicated to avoid the risk of losing coverage. The renewal packets may have the Health First Colorado logo on the return address, or it may come from a county health services department.  Additional information is available at Health First Colorado

Individuals who no longer qualify for Medicaid or CHP+ and are in need of health insurance can email Nicky Weglin for information about enrolling in the University Student Health Insurance.

Medicaid and CHP+ Renewal Instructions

Insurance information

All students are eligible to use the Health Center. Most insurance carriers will cover services  at the health center but we encourage you to call your specific carrier to make sure the health center is in network. When you call your insurance company ask if "Campus Clinics" is in network. We recommend you call your carrier prior to seeking care. For further assistance with your insurance questions, call the health center at 970-351-2412.

"Bear Care Plan"

For students who have out of state or out of network coverage, the health center offers a Bear Care Plan for $199  that provides 4 simple visits to the health center at no additional cost.

Simple visits include, but are not limited to:

  • X-Rays
  • cold and flu checks
  • rapid mono and strep testing
  • minor injuries
  • sick and well care visits

Bear Care Plans can be purchased when needed and as often as needed.

Please note that lab work sent to an outside lab is not covered by the Bear Care Plan. If it is recommended that the student have lab work, the testing will be sent to a lab that is in network with the students insurance and benefits will be paid according to the student's plan.

Using your UNC Insurance at the Health Center

If you are covered under the UNC Insurance plan, it will cost just $20.00 for basic care at the health center. You will not be subject to the plans $500.00 deductible except for lab work processed outside of the clinic. Covered expenses will be paid at 100% when you use the health center on campus.

To learn more about the UNC Insurance plan go to www.unco.edu/ship or contact the UNC Insurance Plan office at 970-351-1915 or email nicky.weglin@unco.edu