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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates

Safety Tips

  1. Report suspicious activity on campus to UNC Police at 970-351-2245 from your cell phone (program it in) or 911 from a campus telephone.
  2. Report suspicious activity off campus to your local municipal or county law enforcement agency. Call 911 if necessary.
  3. Be alert and aware of your surroundings.
  4. Don’t get so engrossed in text messaging or iPod surfing you forget to look around
  5. Walk with others at night.
  6. Stay in frequently traveled, well-lighted, open areas.
  7. Walk confidently.
  8. Call 970-351-2245 for an escort if you’re uncomfortable walking on campus after dark.
  9. Carry a personal alarm or safety whistle.
  10. Know where campus emergency phones are. View emergency phone locations.
  11. Lock your house or residence hall room, and follow rules to limit residence hall access.
  12. Don’t carry large amounts of cash or credit cards.
  13. Have your keys ready when walking to your car or home.
  14. Be cautious of strangers.
  15. If you believe someone is following you, go where there are other people.
  16. Trust your intuition if you feel a situation is unsafe.
  17. Don’t hesitate to call police.
  18. Alcohol is also a significant factor in many crimes.
  19. Students who are drinking are more likely to be involved in criminal activity.
  20. We strongly encourage you to make safe and healthy choices when it comes to alcohol consumption.