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File a Report

UNC strongly encourages individuals who experience sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking to report to ensure their safety.

You have the option to report to law enforcement and/or the University. Individuals can report to both spaces, only one, or neither. You can also choose to report anonymously (without identifying yourself).

Reporting to law enforcement allows someone to explore their options and pursue next steps in the criminal justice system. Reporting to the University allows someone to explore their options and pursue next steps as it relates to the University’s policies and procedures.

Report to Law Enforcement

If you pursue to report with law enforcement and have the incident be handled criminally, contact UNC Police or the local law enforcement agency of where the incident occurred.

UNC Police Department (Available 24/7), Gray Hall – 970-351-2245

Report to the University

If you pursue resolution through UNC, your options can include a formal response, informal resolution, and/or supportive measures.  Students should contact Matt Ricke, the Title IX Coordinator.  UNC staff/faculty have the option to contact Human Resources or the Title IX office.

Report Anonymously