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Awareness, Education, and Prevention

Training and Education

Bystander Education – If you see something say something.  If something is happening that is a safety concern for yourself or others, reach out to resources on campus for help.  Anyone can encounter many potential bystander situations while they are at UNC.  This means everyone can be a part of making our campus a safer, healthier place.  We don’t have to be bystanders; we can choose to do something.

At UNC, we hope to encourage an environment where everyone can step up when faced with the opportunity to help a fellow bear.

Steps of Bystander Intervention

  • Notice the event
  • Interpret the event as a problem
  • Assume personal responsibility
  • Know how to help
  • Implement the help

One way to implement help is to get others involved in a situation to think about how current actions lead to future consequences.  Remind them that what feels beneficial at the time may have greater long-term cost.  What would you want others to do for you? Don’t leave a fellow Bear in a bad situation.

For more information on Bystander Intervention or to schedule a training, please contact Student Rights and Responsibilities 970-351-2001.