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Fringe Benefit Rates

Proposal budgets including salaries/wages for UNC personnel must also include the related fringe benefits charged at the appropriate rate. the rule of thumb in budgeting for personnel cost says that fringe benefits follow salaries; meaning that if a funding agency is paying salaries, it should also pay the associated fringe benefits. In most cases, that is what happens; however occasionally a funding agency will not accept fringe benefits as an allowable cost. If you encounter that situation, it is important to contact OSP so that we can work with you to determine if the university will pay the fringe benefit costs.

Fringe Benefit Rates for Proposal Budget Development
  FY 2016 FY 2017 FY 2018 FY 2019
 Federally funded projects-Full time employees  28.6  29.5  29.8 29.8
 Federally funded projects-Part time employees  15.7  16.2  16.5 16.5
 Other funded projects-Full time employees  31.5  32.3  33.2 33.2*
 Other funded projects-Part time employees  15.7  16.2  16.5 16.5*
 *subject to change        
  • Full Time applies to salaried employees working half time or more
  • Part Time applies to salaried employees working less than half time and non-student hourly employees

View UNC's current Negotiated Federal Agreement (pdf).