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Hanover Research

UNC has contracted with Hanover Research, a leader in providing grant writing solutions to post-secondary institutions. The Hanover Grant Development Center's services include capacity building and pre-proposal services, proposal development, and proposal review and rewriting. More details are provided on the Hanover website.

The University's agreement with Hanover allows for one project to be actively pursued at a time. The AVPR and OSP staff will manage a "queue" of projects to be undertaken by Hanover. Projects may include grants prospecting, training and workshops, and grant-seeking strategies, which will be organized and managed by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and OSP. Additional projects will include Hanover working on-on-one with faculty members on proposal review/critiques and rewriting previously declined proposals.

Faculty members will be selected to work with Hanover and placed in the queue by the AVPR. The basis for selection may include, but is not limited to, the faculty member's potential for significant external funding; commitment to provide Hanover with materials (e.g. draft of a proposal, copy of rejected proposal with reviewer's comments, draft of revised proposal) at least three to six weeks prior to a proposal's submission deadline; and project alignment with UNC's strategic goals.

Faculty members my indicate their interest in working with Hanover when submitting a Notice of Intent form.

Contact OSP for more information.