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 2017-2018 Awardees

Sharon Bywater-Reye
s - NHS, Earth and Atmospheric Science. "Identifying Greeley, CO Drinking-Water Vulnerability under Climate-Change Scenarios"

Darcy Copeland - NHS, School of Nursing. "Music and a Therapeutic Intervention: Subjective and Objective Pilot Testing"

David Caffey - PVA, School of Music "Composition of Four Pieces (recorded May 2018 and CD released October 2018)

Whitney Duncan  -HSS, Anthropology "The Sociocultural Context of Mental Health and Treatment Experience among US based Latinos"

Lauren Eisen - PVA, School of Art & Design "Layering Color Memory to Signify a Sense of Place"

Wendilyn Flynn - NHS, Earth & Atmospheric Science "Mechanisms Governing Active and Break Periods within the Indian Summer Monsoon: An NSF Proposal"

Burke Hilsabeck - HSS, English "Accidental Specificity: Slapstick Comedy and Its Medium"

Anna Ursyn - PVA, School of Art & Design "The Language of Static and Moving Images for Digital Media"

Kyle Ward - HSS, Criminal Justice "Reading for a Change: Building and Maintaining Social Bonds from Behind Bars"

Robert Weis - HSS, History "God Restrains the Devil"