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New Project Proposal (NPP) Awards

The NPP Program provides grants to UNC faculty members for the start up of new research and creative projects. 

Fall 2019 Award Recipients

Marian Hamilton – HSS, Anthropology, “ Assessing Diets of Early North American Primates via Non-Destructive ED-XRF Analysis”

David Hulac – EBS, School Psychology, “Does a school-based yoga program change cortisol levels and improve classroom behavior?”

Joanna Lewis – EBS, Psychological Sciences, “Multimedia use and multitasking ability among older adults as compared to emerging adults”

Suehyeon Paek – EBS, Psychological Sciences. “Measuring the Gaps in Talent Loss in STEM Education Using Multi-Scale Ecological Approach”

Kyle Ward – HSS, Criminology and Criminal Justice, “Structured Decision Making Tool for Weld County Community Corrections Board”

Fall 2018 Award Recipients

Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti-PVA, School of Music "An Album by Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti"

Fall 2017 Award Recipients

Erik Applegate-PVA, School of Music "Production and Dissemination of Jazz Trios CD"

Sharon Bywater-Reyes-NHS, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences "Identifying Greeley, CO Drinking-Water Vulnerability under Climate-Change Scenarios"

Nicole Webber-University Libraries "Faculty Attitudes and Knowledge of Journal Quality and Publishing Practices"

Spring 2017 Award Recipients

Lindsay Fulcher-PVA, School of Music "String Project"

Sarah Goodrum-HSS, Criminal Justice "Perceptions of and Practices for Threat Assessment in Schools"

Kim Murza-NHS, ASLS "The Social Communication and Engagement Triad: The Impact of a Professional Learning Experience"

Deborah Romero-CEBS, Teacher Education "An International Comparative Study of University Students' Community Engaged Learning"

Jessica Salo-HSS, Geography & GIS "History of South Platte River Riparian Ecosystem and Channel Change"

Laura Stewart-NHS, Sport & Exercise Science "Marijuana Use, Inflammation and Recovery from Exercise Study (MIR)"

Kyle Ward-HSS, Criminal Justice "Impact of Marijuana Legalization on Law Enforcement in Surrounding States"

Fall 2016 Award Recipients

Kenyon Brenner-PVA, School of Music "Jazz Master Recording Project"

David Hydock-NHS, Sport & Exercise Science "Effects of Endurance Training and Resistance Alone or in Combination on Doxorubicin Myotoxicity"

Tracy Mueller-CEBS, Special Education "Conflict and Special Education: An Investigation of the Experiences of Parents of Children with Sensory Disabilities"

Joyce Weil-NHS, Gerontology "Developing an Aging in Place Measure"