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Institutional Review Board (IRB)

All research projects conducted under the auspices of the university (e.g., by faculty, students, or staff) involving human subjects must be reviewed and approved by the university's Institutional Review Board. Faculty, students and staff planning human research must submit requests for IRB approval prior to any data collection.

IRB Administrator

Nicole Morse
UNC Research Compliance Manager

Institutional Official (IO) for the Protection of Human Research Subjects

Mark Anderson, Ph.D. 

IRB Voting Members



Phone Number

Mark Montemayor                (chair) 2017-2020

PVA Music

(970) 351-2358

Michael Aldridge, 2019-2022

NHS Nursing

(Medical Consultant)

 (970) 351-1699

Sydney Bender, 2019-2022

Community (Unaffiliated) Member

(Prisoner Representative)


EBS Special Education

(970) 351-2691

Sarah Goodrum, 2019-2022

HSS Criminal Justice

(Prisoner Representative)

(970) 351-2186

Heather Helm, 2017-2020

EBS Counselor Education

(970) 351-1630

Wendy Highby, 2017-2020

University Libraries

(970) 351-1530

Randy Larkins, 2018-2021

CEBS Applied Statistics and Research Methods

(970) 351-2461

Nicole Morse*, 2019-2022

Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

(970) 351-1910

Jennifer Smith, 2019-2022

CEBS Applied Psychology and Counselor Education

(970) 351-4695 

Kyle Ward, 2018-2021

HSS Criminal Justice

(Prisoner Representative)

(970) 351-1072

Forrest Swick*, 2020-2023

Information Management & Technology

(970) 351-1379

* Non-scientist

Member Resources

Committee Member Streamlyne Manual