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Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC)

For the protection of Animal Subjects in Research

The primary function of UNC's IACUC is to assist faculty, students and staff in upholding UNC's commitment to providing the finest care and most humane utilization of laboratory animals. To this end, every research, testing and teaching project involving the use of vertebrate animals must be reviewed and approved by the IACUC prior to initiations.  The IACUC shares with the investigator the responsibility for the ethical decisions made regarding the care and use of animals.


Dave Hydock

Associate Professor of Sport & Exercise Science
(970) 351-2535

Institutional Official (IO) for Animal Welfare

Bob Houser

AVP for Research & Sponsored Programs
(970) 351-4390

IACUC Members



Phone Number

David Hydock, Chair

Scientist, Sport & Exercise Science

(970) 351-2535

Lon Kendall, Vice Chair

Attending Veterinarian

(970) 980-4751

UNC Animal Research Facility, Compliance and Operations

 (970) 351-2842

UNC Animal Research Facility, Animal Technician

 (970) 351-2842

Non-Scientist/Alternate, Director of UNC Environmental Health & Safety

(970) 351-1149 

Psychology, Scientist/Alternate

 (970) 351-2532

Scientist/Alternate, Biological Sciences

 (970) 351-2493 

Scientist/Alternate, Psychology 

(970) 351-2951

Cynthia Hutt

Nonaffiliated, Dog Trainer


Martha Lynne Kessel



Non-Scientist, Philosophy

(970) 351-1567

Scientist, Biological Sciences

(970) 351-2429 

Non-Scientist/Alternate, Office of Research, Research Compliance Administrator

 (970) 351-1910

Non-Scientist, ASRM

Scientist, Biological Sciences

(970) 351-2329