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Fund for Faculty Publications Review Committee

The Faculty Publication Fund Review Committee is responsible for reviewing applications for publication fees, selecting individuals for awards, and advising the Assistant Vice President for Research of these selections. Members of the committee are appointed by the Assistant Vice President for Research (AVPR) or their designee (Director of Research and Sponsored Programs) for three-year terms. Members review applications in July and during the Fall and Spring terms. The committee meets at least once a year (more often if needed) and submits annual reports to the AVPR. Applications are generally reviewed electronically, as is other committee business that doesn't require an in-person meeting. 

Review Committee Members

Meg du Bray


Nate Eldredge


Michael Oravitz


Brandon Soltwisch


Lu Tian


Nicole Webber, Chair

University Libraries

Responsibilities of Committee Chair 

  • Compiles voting recommendations from committee members for each application
  • Forwards recommendations and application packet to AVPR or designee
  • Notifies AVPR or designee and committee when funds have been expended for the fiscal year
  • Receives confirmation from AVPR or designee of funded applications
  • Submits annual report to AVPR or designee

Responsibilities of Program Administrator 

  • Posts application packet to online committee space and notifies the committee to review the packet·and vote
  • Maintains information about each applicant (faculty rank, department or school, college affiliation, amount of award)
  • Maintains record of applications, their disposition, and remaining funds
  • Keeps the committee chair and members aware of budget balance through the year
  • Sends award letters
  • Schedules committee meetings with input from the committee chair and takes meeting minutes. 

Review Procedures

Application packets are received electronically by Nancy Schindele in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, who reviews the application packets to determine that they are complete and meet eligibility requirements. Incomplete application packets are returned to the applicant. Complete application packets are posted on the committee’s Sharepoint committee site. Committee members have two weeks from the date received to review the packet, fill out the application review rubrics, and submit their recommendation to the chair. The recommendation will either be “for funding” or “against funding” with reason(s). A minimum of three recommendations must be received by the chair before forwarding to the AVPR. Nancy will determine whether the applicant is delinquent in submitting final reports for internal University programs, which will disqualify the application.

Schedule for Review of Applications 

There are three deadlines during each year (July 31, January 31, and April 30).