Fellow Bears:

It is our sincere regret to inform you that the n-word was discovered written in large chalk letters on campus in the breezeway at McKee Hall—a public space frequented by many in our community. A report was submitted directly to us by one of our students. We took immediate action to file a report with UNC Police and remove the racist slur. We are providing this notice so our community is aware that these incidents take place on our campus and impact our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. We also believe it is important that we use this opportunity to reinforce UNC’s values of inclusion and respect. Incivility, bias, and discrimination are incongruent with our values as an institution of higher learning and contribute to a hostile environment that is the antithesis of the community we aspire to be at UNC.

While UNC and its leadership will always condemn and investigate hate-related incidents, we all must have an active role in working together to prevent them. We honor our bonds as a community by taking care of one another and holding each other accountable. If you witness incidents of hate, vandalism, discrimination or violence, or know someone who has been impacted, we encourage you to report through our “Report a Concern” portal. We also encourage students who experience trauma from events like this to utilize support resources such as the Counseling Center and Student Outreach and Support.

We are better than this—we must be.

Andy Feinstein

Tobias J. Guzmán
Chief Diversity Officer & 
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs