Update from UNC:

Yesterday afternoon, UNC President Andy Feinstein, Chief of Staff Dan Maxey and UNC Police Department Chief Dennis Pumphrey met with the leadership of the Greeley Police Department to discuss the incident that occurred off campus in the early hours of Saturday, Aug. 22.

UNC was premature in definitively labeling this incident a hate crime. This case falls within the jurisdiction of the Greeley Police Department, and their investigation is in its early stages. We remain supportive of the Greeley Police Department’s work, and we are confident that they will investigate the case fully.

Aug. 24, 2020

Dear UNC Community, 

This afternoon, we were notified of a hate crime that occurred in our local community. We are angered and disgusted by what we have learned. In the early hours of Saturday, August 22, Greeley Police responded to the report of an assault against one of our students that occurred off campus. As this is an active police investigation, we are limited in the information that we can share publicly. However, the report we received strongly suggests the victim was targeted because of the color of their skin. Our thoughts are with the victim of this incomprehensible act of violence and their family, and university staff members are in contact with them and offering support.  

The UNC Police Department is working with local authorities to investigate the crime and locate the perpetrators. If you have information related to the incident, please contact UNC Police at 970-351-2245.  

Incidents motivated by racism and hate are incongruent with our values as a university community. We are even more heartbroken that this has happened at the start of the all semester, when it proves more important than ever that we each look out for one another to protect the health and safety of our fellow Bears. In the midst of a global pandemic that threatens our welfare and that of our families, we must not lose sight of the very real threats posed by discrimination, hate, and racism, as well as the violent and oftentimes more subtle ways that they manifest in the  actions of individuals and institutions. 

Far too many Bears live in fear of being a target of discrimination, hate, or violence. We have been working closely with other members of our community to identify and implement measures to more completely honor UNC’s commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion, particularly over these last few months. We must continue to press ahead with this work and make meaningful progress in ensuring that we live up to these values not just in our words, but in our actions—individually and collectively 

Hate crimes such as this one affect our community in ways that reach well beyond the individuals who are most directly harmed. The stress and anxiety felt by other students who feel vulnerable because of their identities has a compounding effect. Services such as counseling  are available to the  entire campus community, even as our operations are changed due to COVID-19, and it’s important that you report a concern so that we can take action and provide help. 

Our campus community has come together in many ways over the past year, and we must remain strong in service and support to each other.

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Andy Feinstein

Tobias Guzmán
Chief Diversity Officer
& Associate Vice President of Student Affairs