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Rowing, Not Drifting 2030 is a living strategic plan, divided into five two-year phases, that will guide and establish a broad foundation for UNC to build upon today and into the future:

  • Phase I (2020­–22): Infrastructure: Establishing a foundation for success
  • Phase II (2022–24): Implementation: Building on foundational work
  • Phase III (2024–26): Maturing: Deepening our impact
  • Phase IV (2026–28): Attending: Ensuring continued progress
  • Phase V (2028–30): Transitioning: Completing the plan and preparing for the next iteration

Measuring Success

Progress toward the outcomes identified in Rowing, Not Drifting 2030 is tracked using a combination of qualitative and quantitative measures.

This dashboard represents the extent to which the key actions identified for the current phase are on track overall based on the status of tactics;

A set of university strategic metrics has been developed and progress will be reported annually. Please watch for additional information; Qualitative assessments of progress, both by action and in alignment with vision elements, will be shared regularly.


An institutional planning group appointed by and advisory to the president helps to coordinate and advance work across institutional-level planning efforts.

Group Composition and Charge (pdf)