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Paragraph 1 -

With the exception of Conference and Events Permits, all sales of permits will be handled at Parking Services.

Paragraph 2 -

Purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space.

Paragraph 3 -

An eligible person must pay their permit fee and fill out a University of Northern Colorado Permit Registration card (or click the "I Agree" button in the online permit purchase process) before the appropriate permit will be issued. Approval by the Director of Parking Services is required for any exceptions.

Paragraph 4 -

All permit fees are set annually. Annual permits will be valid from August 1st through the Friday before Fall Move In. All expiration dates will be printed on the annual permit.

Paragraph 5 -

Arrangements may possibly be made through Parking Services to have payments deducted from faculty/staff paychecks for permits, depending on the employee's Employee Class Code.

Paragraph 6 -

All permits issued will either be hang tag or window cling permits. This will allow the owner/operator to transfer the one permit to each registered vehicle as needed. Alternatively the owner/operator of two vehicles may purchase an additional permit at full price. If there is more than one member of the same family working at and/or attending the University of Northern Colorado, he/she must purchase the additional permit at the original full price.

Paragraph 7 -

No vehicle can display more than one permit for the same year at any one time unless otherwise authorized by Parking Services. We advise removing all old permits.

Paragraph 8 -

University funds are not to be used to purchase employee or student parking permits. This prohibition includes the use of agency accounts affiliated with a University department (e.g., athletics enhancement accounts). In some cases, it may be appropriate for an organization separate from the University to use its agency account to purchase parking permits for individuals who may be UNC employees or students. Examples include the Student Media Corporation, the Foundation, CSC/PASC, etc.


Paragraph 1 –

All permits remain the property of the University of Northern Colorado at all times. The Director of Parking Services may refuse to issue a permit, determine a permit is invalid, determine a person to be ineligible for the parking privileges of the permit, or otherwise revoke or limit the use of a permit. For purposes of this paragraph, user notification may be through electronic systems, letter, or through phone or personal contact by a member of the Parking Services staff or University Police Department acting on behalf of the Director.

Paragraph 2 –

If an individual or corporation is no longer eligible for a permit, the permit must be returned to Parking Services immediately. Reasons for ineligibility include, but are not limited to, selling the vehicle, separation from UNC, abusive behavior towards Parking Services staff or their representatives, or other reason at the discretion of the Director of Parking Services.

Paragraph 3 -

A replacement permit for one removed from a vehicle and returned to Parking Services will be provided for $10. The $10 exchange fee will be charged for any permit exchange in which the customer provides the original permit. A replacement fee of $10 will be charged to customers who provide documentation of a car accident or theft resulting in the loss of the permit. A replacement fee of $35 will be charged if the old permit is not returned to Parking Services and the old permit will be declared as lost/stolen.

Paragraph 4 –

When a student returns a Student, Student K, Student Commuter, or Graduate Assistant permit the student will receive a credit applied to their student bill. Credits are based on a percentage of the purchase price. There are no credits for annual permits bought for use during the academic year after March 31 each year. There are no refunds for Faculty/Staff annual permits, unless the permit was fully paid for via cash or credit card on date of purchase. Permits paid for via payroll deduction must return their permit to Parking Services in order to cease payroll deductions. Any permits not returned will be billed to the permit holder. An administrative processing fee will be deducted from the amount to be credited..