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University of Northern Colorado parking lots are enforced year round. 

Violation 120: ALTERING TEMP PERMIT  Forging or altering a temporary parking permit $60.00
Violation 121: FORGING/ALTERING PERMIT  Forging or altering a parking permit or using such permit. Violators may be subject to criminal penalty. Also, in accordance with UNC Code of Conduct, notification will be made as applicable to Dean of Students regarding UNC student subjects and to Human Resources &/or the supervisor of UNC employee subjects. $260.00
Violation 122: INELIGIBLE PERMIT  Obtaining or attempting to obtain a parking permit or parking privileges for which the applicant is not eligible. Violators may also be subject to criminal penalty. $60.00
Violation 123: FIRE LANE  Parking in a fire lane or obstructing a fire lane or building exit door. $160.00
Violation 124: REMOVE BARRICADE  Removing or attempting to remove any temporary barricade or other regulatory signs. Violators may be subject to criminal penalty. $60.00
Violation 125: VIOLATE BARRICADE  Parking in violation of barricades, cones and/or cement parking blocks. $60.00
Violation 126: WHEELCHAIR SPACE  Parking in an ADA space without a state issued ADA placard or license plate. The ADA placard must be properly displayed and registered to the driver of the vehicle being parked. $160.00
Violation 127: OBSTRUCT WHEELCHAIR ACCESS  Parking in a manner as to obstruct a disabled access.  $60.00
Violation 128: LOST/STOLEN PERMIT  Parking a vehicle displaying a permit not issued to the vehicle driver or using a lost permit or a stolen permit. $260.00
Violation 131: DISOBEY OFFICER  Failing to heed lawful directions of a University Police Officer or a Parking Services Officer. Violators may also be subject to criminal penalty. $60.00
Violation 132: OBSTRUCTING TRAFFIC  Stopping, standing or parking in such a manner that a vehicle obstructs pedestrian and vehicular traffic. $60.00
Violation 133: PARKED ON LAWN/CURB/SIDEWALK/BIKE PATH  Parking a motorized vehicle on the lawn, curb, shoulder, lot divider, sidewalk, bike path or on piles of snow or other materials. Parking a motor vehicle on items such as this can cause a safety hazard to pedestrians, buildings and other vehicles in the area as parking brakes can fail to hold. Snow & ice can melt and piles of material can become unstable without notice, causing a potentially hazardous situation with the vehicle.  $60.00
Violation 135: NO PARKING ZONE Parking in a no parking zone.  $60.00
Violation 136: VIOLATION OF REGULATORY SIGN Parking in violation of any regulatory sign. $60.00
Violation 137: ABANDONED VEHICLE  Abandoning and/or storing a vehicle on campus without permission from Parking Services. Any vehicle without valid license plates and/or a current permit will be considered an abandoned vehicle, and is subject to impoundment. $60.00
Violation 138: SERVICE DRIVE/SPACE  Parking in a service drive or service vehicle space.  $60.00
Violation 140: IMPROPER DISPLAY  Failing to display a current University of Northern Colorado parking permit properly. $40.00
Violation 141: OBSTRUCT CROSSWALK  Obstructing a crosswalk or sidewalk with any part of the vehicle, in violation of ADA guidelines. $40.00
Violation 143: RESTRICTED SPACE/LOT  Parking in a restricted space or lot without displaying the current University of Northern Colorado permit required $40.00
Violation 144:  OVERTIME POSTED/PERMIT  Overtime parking in violation of posted or permit limits. A second ticket can be issued after two (2) hours of the first ticket. Vehicles may not be moved to a different space in the same area to circumvent ticket issuance or to extend time beyond the posted limits $30.00
Violation 145: NOT COMPLETELY IN STALL  Failing to park wholly within the boundaries of a parking space. A vehicle is considered outside the stall boundaries when a full tire or a significant portion of the vehicle is impeding into either traffic, or another parking stall. Other improperly parked vehicles nearby does not constitute an excuse for improper parking. $40.00
Violation 146: OVER 12” FROM CURB  Failing to park within twelve (12) inches of the curb where parallel parking is required. $40.00
Violation 147 : DOUBLE PARKING Double parking. Double parking means standing or parking a vehicle on the roadway side of a vehicle already stopped, standing or parked at the curb. $40.00
Violation 148: OUT OF ORDER METER  Parking vehicle at a malfunctioning or "Out of Order" metered space. A second citation can be issued after two (2) hours of the first ticket. $40.00
Violation 149: OVERTIME METER  Overtime parking in metered space. A second citation can be issued after two (2) hours of the first citation. $40.00
Violation 150: BOOT FEE Boot fee. $85.00
Violation 151: 4-WHEELED VEHICLE IN MC AREA  Parking any vehicle with four or more wheels in a motorcycle area. $40.00
Violation 153: PARKED IN EV SPACE NOT ACTIVELY CHARGING Parking a vehicle in a designated LEFE/EV charging station space while not actively charging your vehicle. Vehicles parked in a LEFE/EV space must be LEFE/EV vehicles AND be actively charging. $40.00

Early Payment Discount and Reductions

We offer an early payment discount. If a citation fine is paid within ten calendar days of the date the citation was issued, then the ticket is eligible to a $10 discount of the citation fine.

Under particular circumstances it might be possible for a citation fine to be reduced or dismissed, but only if discussion occurs within ten calendar days from citation issuance and criteria for amendment are met.

Information about paying citations online.

Questions regarding a citation?

To discuss a citation, you may come into the office as well as call or email us as early as the next business day after you receive the citation. If you bring the citation to the UNC Parking Services office we may be able to help you on the same day.

Appealing a Citation

Those who have received a citation have the option of pursing an appeal. Please contact Parking Services before pursing this option as there may be reductions that we can apply to the citation without the additional cost of the appeal.

Information regarding appealing a citation.