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Parking Services staff has resumed in person services at the University Center Information Desk. 

Visitor Parking

There is no free parking on UNC campus

A permit must be properly displayed in each vehicle

Hourly Dispenser Permits

Visitors may purchase an hourly parking permit from the Pay to Park Station machines in most student parking areas. Pay to Park Stations are indicated on the parking map. The Pay-to-Park Stations are equipped to accept coins along with Visa, Mastercard, & Discover. The Pay-to-Park Stations cannot refund change nor can they return any money that has been inserted into them.

Learn more about Hourly Dispenser Permits

Visitors with Disabilities

Visitors with disabilities must have a valid identifying placard or license plate as well as a valid UNC permit to park in the handicap accessible spaces on campus.

Visitors may also purchase a Parking Permit in our office, or from the University Conference and Events Scheduling Office.

Monthly temporary permits are available for visitors in the Parking Services office for $40.

Visitor Scratch-off Parking Permit & Student Scratch-off Parking Permit

Visitor Scratch-off Permits are valid for one day only in regular spaces and meter spaces. To use the Visitor Scratch-off Permits, the driver will need to scratch off the date the permit will be used. The permit must be hung from the rear view mirror with the date facing out.

Can an individual purchase these by telephone?
Yes, one may telephone Parking Services Office, and purchase scratch-off permits via Discover, MasterCard or Visa. We will mail the order to the address provided by the customer.

Can expired, unused scratch-off permits be exchanged?
Yes, one may convey them to UNC Parking Services Office, University Center, Campus Box 113, Greeley, CO 80639-0112, identifying the customer and providing an address or other means of receiving the free replacement scratch-off permits.

Can a UNC department order scratch-off permits by email and by telephone?
A UNC department can generate an Electronic Internal Order (EIO) to order scratch-off permits. Please allow 24 hours lead time in advance of picking up the order. Departments can pay with an EIO or with cash--Pcard payment is not allowed. In the comments area on the EIO, please indicate to what campus box the order is to be sent or whether a department representative will pick up the order. Orders for a multiple quantity of any sort of temporary parking permits are binding and cannot later be changed, canceled or refunded.