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ALEKS Is Asking Me For a Course Access Code, What Do I Do?

Even though you did not receive an error message, this likely means that you incorrectly entered your log-in information. Make sure you have the correct log-in credentials and try again. If you're still having problems, please contact us for help (see the FAQ for details).

Technical Requirements

Be sure that Java is enabled and the ALEKS plug-in will download automatically.

If your computer locks up or freezes during the middle of the exam, refresh the page in your browser. If that does not work, close your browser and log back in. The work you have already submitted will be saved and the exam will pick up at the point you left off (you have 48 hours after beginning to complete the initial assessment).

ALEKS Customer Support

Refer to the ALEKS Technical Support webpage if you have problems with the plug-in.
Email: http://support.aleks.com
Website: http://www.aleks.com/faqs/technical