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Students walking with professor down math hallway

Resources for Current Students

This page contains some links to resources for students taking classes through the School of Mathematical Sciences.

Class Websites

  • Canvas - many courses have class websites here.

Computer Labs

  • Calculus Computer Lab - Ross 2263.
  • Open Computer Lab - Ross 2261. This lab is occassionally used for classes.

Study Help and Tutoring

  • Math Study Center - Ross 1250.  Free drop-in learning assistance staffed by faculty and students.
  • Tutorial Services -Michener Library. L-149.  Free individual and group tutoring with appointments.


As a UNC student you have access to a copy of the powerful computational mathematics software Mathematica. The program is installed on campus machines and can be downloaded to your personal computer at no cost. For more information and instructions for getting your copy, see our Mathematica page.


If you are a math major and don't know who your academic adviser is, stop by the math office (Ross Hall 2239). Your adviser can help you select courses for the upcoming semester and check on your progress towards your degree. Here are some resources to help with planning.

  • Four Year Plans - to help you decide what to take when.
  • Catalog - where you can find the requirements for the major.
  • Registrar - including links to registration schedules and the final exam schedule.
  • Math Placement - find out more information on the Mathematics Placement Exam.

External Resources

  • Wolfram Alpha - computational search engine.
  • Desmos - a free online graphing calculator (there is also an iPad app).
  • GeoGebra - free dynamic mathematics software, especially useful for geometry.
  • MathWorld- online encyclopedia of mathematical topics.
  • Ask Dr. Math - searchable forum filled with frequently asked math questions and answers.