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How to Apply

Step One:

  • Read the document about Preceptors and begin securing preceptors (Document: What is a preceptor and how to find them).
  • Prepare a current resume in order to use it as an introduction to potential preceptors.
  • Prior to calling prospective preceptors, please read about the facility and what they have to offer.  Often, facilities have a protocol for prospective interns and it is advised to know this prior to contacting a potential facility and/or preceptor.
  • After educating yourself about a potential facility and/or preceptor, please email to schedule an appointment in order to discuss your intent to apply for the UNC dietetic internship.
  • If you do not hear from a preceptor within 1-2 weeks, feel free to send a follow up email and possibly call and leave a voice mail. 
  • Provide all potential preceptors with the “Required Experiences and Competencies” document as a reference to discuss what needs to be included in your rotation.
  • Be prepared to “sell” yourself and the UNC Dietetic Internship when you contact a potential preceptor.  Please approach it as a professional interview.
  • Please give potential preceptors the Program Coordinator’s email so they can ask for further clarification of the requirements and feel supported by UNC’s dietetic internship program.
  • Complete preceptor application forms. Give these forms to your preceptor to complete and return to you. You will be uploading them, along with your rotation schedule, to the Supplemental Information section in DICAS.
  • When talking with a potential preceptor, often the question of reimbursement is asked.  Here are some important points to keep in mind:
    • You will be able to provide 80 hours of RD or Management staff relief.
    • Many assignments are directed toward cost analysis and control which lend well to being coordinated with the needs of the facility.
    • Many assignments are directed toward improving productivity in program operations for clinical, community and foodservice facilities.
    • You can complete special project work that RD’s and staff are not able to do.
    • Interns have proved to be useful during times of “organizational stress” such as preparing for Joint Commission site visits.

Step Two:

  • Assemble your information using the Application Checklist.
  • Submit required documentation online for the DICAS portion of the application - see DICAS Information.
  • Required documents for DICAS are: 
    • Dietetic Internship Program Application Form
    • Personal Statement
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Letter of Intent/Verification of Completion
    • Transcripts (one from each school ever attended).  The must be mailed to address provided by DICAS (see DICAS document).
  • Upload to Supplemental Information Section:
  • All DICAS documentation will be accessed by the UNC selection committee.

Step Three:

  • Email D&D Digital or call 512-292-0490 to obtain computer-matching application for the internship.
  • You MUST complete the D&D application in order to be considered for acceptance to the UNC Dietetic Internship.

Step Four:

  • The application fee of $50 must be received by the Application Deadline on the Important Dates document.  Plan to mail it well ahead of the deadline and request a delivery receipt.
  • Send your application fee to:

Amy Baird
University of Northern Colorado
Dietetic Internship
Campus Box 93
Greeley, CO 80639

Step Five:

  • Please check your work.  Have another person read your application and resume for errors.
  • Make sure you have indicated full or part-time option and your concentration area for completing the internship on the Rotation Summary Form.
  • If you have difficulty downloading application material or have additional questions, please email Amy Baird or call 970-351-1769.