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Biology Cook-Offs

Upcoming event

General information

  • What: Fall International cook-off
  • When: TBD
  • Where: Outside the biology main office in Ross Hall, Room 2480. 

Cook-off theme

The theme is any cuisine.  Each entry should be a "one-pot" style dish that is easily served in a cup to facilitate small portion size.

How to submit your entry

Please email us at biology@unco.edu and indicate the following:

  1. What type of dish?
  2. Is it with meat, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, peanut-free, or other specifics that would be important to a person with diet restrictions?
  3. Are you a faculty member, staff, graduate student, or undergraduate student?
  4. Are you representing one of the clubs (e.g., SACNAS, Tri-Beta, Pre-health Professionals, Biology Club)?

After submitting your entry, you will be assigned an Entry Number which you will receive by reply email (please remember it). 

On the day of the cook-off

You should place your dish on one of the serving tables at the position indicated by your Entry Number.  If your dish is in a slow-cooker or similar device, you are welcome to plug it into an outlet in the biology workroom in the morning so it stays warm until lunch time. 

Past events and winners

2020 Spring Chili Cook-off

Meat chilis
First place: Christine Williams (chili #20)
Second place tie: Teresa Higgins (chili #9) and Russel Windholz (chili #13)
Third place tie: Brian Krum (chili #16) and Tyler Bennet (chili #11)

Vegan/Vegetarian chilis
First Place: Emily Holt (chili #18)
Second place: Mykee Cain (Chili #19)
Third place: Mit McGlaughlin (Chili #7)

First place: Justin Yow (cornbread #10)
Second place: Alex Vita (cornbread #1)
Third place: Israel Wipf (cornbread #9)

First place: Sami Naibauer (Dessert #6)
Second place: Ginger Fisher (Dessert #1)
Third place: Jennifer Parish (Dessert #9)

2019 Fall International Cook-off

First place: Cindy Budde - Swedish meetballs
Second place: Stephanie Pitt - Vegetable tikka masala
Third place: Emily Holt - Baklava

2019 Spring Cook-off

Veggie/Vegan chilis
First place:  Douglas Petty
Second place:  Lauryn Benedict
Third place:  Mykee Cain

Meat chilis
First Place:  Russel Windholz
Second place:  Andrea James
Third place: Ann Schwabe

First place: Alex Vita
Second place: Judy Leatherman
Third place: Anna Freundlich

First place: Ginger Fisher
Second place: Aspen King
Third place: Yuyan Han

2018 Cook-off

Veggie chilis
First place:  Greg Dekrey
Second place:  Rob Reinsvold
Third place (tie):  Mit McGlaughlin and Douglas Petty

Meat chilis
First Place:  Nate Adamietz
Second place:  Kelsey Johnson
Third place: Sami Naibauer

First place: Karina Sanchez
Second place: (tie) Cindy Budde and Anna Fruendlich
Third place: Zach Tiemann

First place: Camille Neal
Second place (tie): Melanie Peffer
Third place (tie): Cindy Budde and Emily Schumacher

2017 Cookoff

First place:  Lauryn Benedict
Second place:  Frank Skufca
Third place (3-way tie):  Scott Franklin, Roxaneh Korasand, and Douglas Petty

First place (tie):  Cindy Budde and Michele Plewes
Second place:  Melanie Peffer

2016 Chili cookoff

First place:  Heather Dirkmaat
Second place:  Tyler Sherman
Third place (tie):  Anna Schwabe and Andrew Schoenherr

2015 Chili cookoff

First place:  Ann Hawkinson
Second place: Frank Skufca
Third place:  Teresa Higgins
Honorable mention:   Austen Anderson and Tom McCabe

2014 Chili cookoff

First Place:  Africa Maria Kosky
Second place:  Frank Skufca
Third place:  Tom McCabe
Honorable mention:   Mit McGlaughlin and Widian Jubair