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Ginger Fisher

Ginger Fisher

Associate Professor

School of Biological Sciences
Natural and Health Sciences

Contact Information

Ross Hall 1526
Office Hours
M 11:00- 12:00 T 11:00- 1:00
Mailing Address
501 20th Street, Greeley, CO 80639


Professional/Academic Experience

2014-present; Assistant Professor, MBS Director and Prehealth Advisor, University of Northern Colorado

2009-2014; Instructor, MBS Director and Prehealth Advisor, University of Northern Colorado

2008-2009; PreProfessional Advisor, Adjunct Instructor, University of Colorado at Boulder

2002-2008; Assistant Professor, Wilson College

Research/Areas of Interest

My early research focused on the physiology of aquatic organisms, but more recently I have begun research in the area of bioeducation.  Overall, I am interested in how students become more expert-like in their thinking and how they begin to act more like scientists.  I have developed a course-based undergraduate research expereince (CURE) for use in our introductory biology course and am working with colleagues to assess its impact on students.  I am also examining student metacognitive abilities and how these abilities impact student success in introductory biology courses.

Publications/Creative Works

Selected Publications


Selected Presentations