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UNC’s Work at State Level Covered During Legislative Preview

January 6, 2020

During a panel discussion Monday to discuss the upcoming Colorado legislative session, UNC government relations staff member Kayla Tibbals reviewed some of UNC’s efforts at the state level.

She shared that last month UNC President Andy Feinstein convened his fellow leaders at state colleges and universities to begin taking a unified approach to address the state budget for the higher education system as a whole.

At UNC, Feinstein is also seeking more support for teacher education, which UNC was founded to do and is authorized by the state to deliver without specialized funding, against the backdrop of educator shortages throughout the state and nation.

Tibbals said there will be a bill this session to incentivize colleges and universities to create programs like Aims2UNC that decrease the time to earn high-quality degrees.

Monday’s panel discussion included remarks by Sen. John Cooke and Rep. Mary Young and government relations staff representing Aims Community College, Greeley-Evans School District 6, Greeley Chamber of Commerce. Those organizations co-sponsored the event with the City of Greeley.

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