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UNC Offering Admission Guarantee for Colorado High School Students

September 20, 2022

Beginning fall 2023, the University of Northern Colorado is guaranteeing admission to the university for eligible Colorado high school students. UNC’s Colorado First-Year Admission Guarantee is a new initiative designed to provide clarity and confidence for high school guidance counselors, families and prospective students as they explore pathways to a college education. 

“Over 40% of our undergraduates are the first in their families to attend college, so we know first-hand that there’s still a lot of mystery and nervousness around the admission process for many people,” said Erika Pepmeyer, UNC’s director of Admissions. “Our guarantee removes the uncertainty and stress associated with waiting for an admission decision. We want students and families to be able to focus their time and energy on learning more about UNC and navigating the financial aid and scholarship process, not on worrying whether they will get in.” 

According to Pepmeyer, the new program isn’t necessarily a change to the university's admissions process or standards, but it is a big change for high school students who are considering college in that it offers a new level of transparency and certainty. 

“This program is about letting students know that if they have invested time and energy in academically preparing for college, we’ve outlined a pathway that they can follow with confidence,” Pepmeyer said. 

To be eligible for UNC’s Colorado First-Year Admission Guarantee, prospective students must still complete the application process, but those who meet the following requirements will receive expedited acceptance: 

  • Colorado high school student 
  • 3.0 cumulative high school GPA (weighted) 
  • Four years of English  
  • Four years of math (or three years of math with a grade of B or higher in Algebra 2)  
  • Three years of physical or lab sciences 
  • Three years of social sciences 
  • Meet all other high school graduation requirements  
  • Submit application for admission by March 1 of enrollment year 

These criteria do not encompass the recommended coursework for all areas of study at UNC. Students who wish to pursue UNC’s Honor Program, math and science intensive fields or audition-based programs will need additional academic courses beyond what’s outlined here. Colorado high school students who have not enrolled at another college or university since graduating are also eligible for the program. Additionally, students who don’t meet the criteria above are still welcome and encouraged to apply.  

“All of our applicants receive full consideration for admission through a holistic review of factors, including their academic course selection and rigor, overall GPA and trends, as well as their involvement and leadership experiences, academic reflection, personal statement or essay and letters of recommendation,” Pepmeyer added.  

More information about UNC’s First-Year Admission Guaranteeis available online. 

 – written by Deanna Herbert


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