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Fall 2018 Research Evening Award Winners

Fall 2018 Research Evening Award Winners

January 4, 2019

Research Evening provides UNC graduate students the opportunity to present their projects from research classes. Participating graduate students are also eligible for the Hutchinson-Lahman Research Award.

The purpose of the award is to support graduate students’ dissemination of their research at a national or regional conference. Award winners receive travel funding to present at a professional conference.

Award Winners with Category:

Completed Research, Oral

First Place
Presenters: Ciera Street, Jeremy Davis and Kady Barthelemy
Title: First-Generation Graduate Students: Advanced Degrees and Familiar Challenges

Second Place
Presenters: Michelle Saltis, Alexis Hauck, Evan Czysz and Elizabeth Mock-Murphy
Title: A Phenomenological Case Study on a School-Based Mindfulness Program with Teens with Special Needs

Third Place
Presenters: Abdullah Alshehri, Chelsea Miller, Meiling Zhou and Xiaoping Fan
Title: How K-12 Teachers’ Adaptations of Curriculum and Instruction are Beneficial to Students

Completed Research, Poster

First Place
Presenter: Maaly Younis
Title: Students' Attitude towards Dynamic Assessment: Associations with Statistics Anxiety and Self-Efficacy

Second Place
Presenters: Marissa Moore and Kady Barthelemy
Title: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Outcomes on Adult Physical Health

Third Place
Presenter: Mel Lafferty
Title: Ancient Practices for Today’s College Student: A Drop-in, Mindfulness Class in the Buddhist Tradition

Proposed Research, Poster

First Place
Presenter: Maha Ben Salem
Title: Self-awareness and Positive Mindset in Emerging Adults College students

Second Place
Presenters: Lynda Aouar, Becky De Oliveira, Christen Misra, Sarah Munoz and Lilly Paradis
Title: The Relationship Between Social Connectedness and Resilience in High School Students in Colorado


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